Fast E-Delivery Engine

Fast E-Delivery Engine 2.5

FEDE is high performance software for delivering a large amount of e-mails
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Lencom Software Inc

Fast E-mail Delivery Engine is high performance software for delivering a large amount of e-mails to many recipients. These can be e-mails announcements, lists, newsletters, etc. The process of sending is very fast and depends on the kind of connection and on the hardware installed on your computer. In fact, even if you use a standard office computer, using standard connection you can send around 60,000 messages per hour. However, if you connection speed is 100 Mb/sec this number can rise to up to 500,000 mails per hour.

All unsubscribe requests can be tracked. Detailed reports are provided about the location of mail recipient, date, time, type of computer, and other technical information. You can add different files to your messages, e.g. flash animation movies. The messages can also be personalized, i.e. the subject lines of the messages can be different for different users.

There is also an option to make a picture of the user’s websites and send them in your newsletter automatically. The software can produce thousands of snapshots of many urls. You can send also attached documents, coupons, etc. to your messages, as many as you need.

What I liked most in this email software is its possibility of sending unlimited number of lists with an unlimited number of recipients on each list, as well as its option to trick port 25 and the number of messages per hour, which are restrained by some ISP providers.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Unlimited number of groups/lists
  • Unlimited number of recipients each


  • A little costly
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